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St. Petersburg
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15.07.2020, Wednesday
Manege: 11.00-21.00
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Pavel Prigara
Has been in charge of Manege since its mass renovation in 2016. He is also responsible for Manege’s policy of development on the local and international level.
Coordinates the organisation and setting up of exhibitions. Selects the work team and develops the personnel policy. Conducts negotiations with partner groups and the local authorities. Has work experience as a journalist and in social-media advertising, which allows her to realise the most creative ideas of her fellow employees.
A professional museologist, she studied at the philosophy faculty at St. Petersburg University’s specialised department of ‘Museology and Preservation of Objects of Cultural and Natural Significance’.
“I try to only do what I find interesting. And in Manege every day is interesting for me. The space in the interior is constantly changing, and one must also change when working here, even in administration”.
An ideologue and creator of the subsidiary department ‘The Museum of St. Petersburg Art from the 20th and 21st Century’. She has been determining the strategy of this department’s development since it began.

She also heads the Department of Modern Art at Manege, which has been accumulating collections of 20-21th centuries Leningrad-St. Petersburg art since 1996. These collections form the base of the Museum’s collection. In 2015 this subsidiary department attained official status. As of today, its collection contains more than 3000 works from 390 artists.

For the task of collecting this art and coming up with new ideas related to the exhibition space, Marina Dzigarkhanian has managed to gather a group of passionate people full of ideas.
Knows everything about organising exhibitions, from A to Z. She started working at Manege in 1990. Her first position was that of an assistant. Later she worked her way up to curate exhibitions, and scholarly and educational events.
Now she organises all the exhibitions that take place in Manege. She is responsible for two departments: curation and exhibition.
In her opinion, every exhibition should: serve a purpose, meet an actual demand, captivate people with the world it presents, be a lively event and aim to be available for everyone.
He ensures that everyone, both employees and visitors, can feel safe whilst at Manege.
Is responsible for organising all that happens in the exhibition hall. He manages all aspects of exhibition hall: from the cleaning service to the selling of tickets. He coordinates the work of volunteers, purchases necessary items, and analyses the selection of books available in the Manege book shop.

He graduated as a film director from the Leningradskii Institute (now the St. Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television), where he studied acoustics. Therefore, he also takes care of all work at our events that relates to audio and video.
Specialist in philology and literature. Has previous work experience in different cultural spheres. Ms. Kirikova's professional experience includes teaching, PR support of architectural studio projects, journalism and creation of cultural projects in Berlin. She returned from Berlin specially in time for the opening of the renovated Manege, and joined the team as the Head of the Communications Department.

In three years got transferred to the position of Head of International Initiatives, so that she could focus on implementing the international programme. Ms. Kirikova is responsible for developing the overall strategy of cooperation, for creation and preparation of exhibition and public programs with participation of international cultural actors. She is also the curator of a number of ongoing public programmes, including "New Now at Manege" and "Manege Documentary".
Genady Kuz’michev
Head of Maintenance
The main engineer of Manege. He provides technical support and maintains the upkeep of the building and premises. He is responsible for the electricity supply, water supply, heating, ventilation, fire alarms and much else. He manages the engineering team. His routine consists of work with contractors, accompanied by negotiations and coordinating related operations. He is responsible for conducting all inspections (be they by the city planning authorities or government inspectors, etc.)

Due to the constant changes taking place in the exhibition space, his work is constantly filled with new tasks related to providing technical support at the exhibitions and events.
Vera comes from a family of artists. She is, by education, a philologist and art expert. She prepares and works on the exhibitions and projects that take place in Manege. She sets up and maintains contact with partner organisations and with the participants of exhibitions (from administrative to PR related issues).

Filling up the exhibition hall with events, organising additional programmes to exhibitions, scheduling lectures, film showings, discussions, concerts, organising professional gatherings (including the International Symposium on Modern Art) – is what Vera and her team do at Manege.
Elizaveta Pavlycheva
Head of Exhibition Department
She is in charge of preparing and setting up Manege’s exhibitions, which are primarily about Leningrad / St. Petersburg contemporary and retrospective arts.